Nursery Class Social

Nursery Class Social

Start December 3, 2019
End December 3, 2019

Class social are a perfect way to give the parents a glimpse of all co-curricular activities taken up by the school. 

Nursery class socials were held on the (29th of september, 2019). They were held section wise giving opportunity to each and every child to show case his talents. 

Children put up a variety of programmes and introduced the parents to the skills (music, dance, communication, etc.) they have acquired at southVale. The concept behind organizing these was to give each Valer an opportunity to come up on the stage and gain confidence, get over their stage fear and display their talents. It would help Valers acquire skills which would be useful beyond class and school.


I would strongly recommend SouthVales to the parents who are looking for a school where they can get their kids admitted and be at peace.

Vikram Singh

(Father of Rudra Pratap | Grade 5)