Er. Rishabh Chopra

Er. Rishabh Chopra
Founder and Executive Director

Waking up every single day with with an intent to make an impact on society.

We have a very consistent growth rate and this confirms that our model is being accepted by the town. "

A strong entrepreneur who has found firm ground for himself in the field of education by running a successful school by the name of SouthVale: The World School.
He holds an MBA degree from the Western Sydney University and Bachelors degree in Civil Engineering which provide him a strong foundation to successfully run his businesses. His schooling is from the Lawrence school Sanawar. An innovative & a strategist mind with a humble personality, he supports his father in running the real estate business in Chandigarh along with the resort in Kasauli and the Nissan dealership. Rishabh  also reciprocates what he gets from the society by running an animal care NGO by the name of Ehsaas and has been constantly organizing Dog sterilization camps, feeding drive for stray animals and also few stray dog vaccination camps.

As Executive Director of SouthVale:
In this role, Rishabh Chopra, is committed to creating a campus community where children feel respected, safe and inspired to learn, grow and thrive both as individuals, as part of multiple communities and the larger community of SouthVale: The World School. Rishabh believes in open and effective communication with children, faculty, the parents and the administrative staff, not only to ensure transparency and accountable governance, but, more so, because he sees it as a powerful means of converting a good idea into a well-implemented initiative. He runs an open office that allows direct access to him on all matters pertaining to school life.